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call of duty black ops

News about the arrival of the first call of duty Black Ops zombies downloadable maps available.
Online activity. Black Ops’ first week remains its most active week for multiplayer action with more than 2.5 million unique users at any given time, Bunting says.
Weapon tuning. As the game launched, the multiplayer development team got plenty of notes on Twitter and the Black Ops online forums asking why weapons are not tuned as in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. “We were being asked, ‘Why this gun is not as deadly a gun (in Black Ops)’,” says Vonderhaar. “(Black Ops) requires a lot more finesse.”
Now the comments, he says, tend toward players asking whether the developers “did something to this gun to make it easier?” Says Vonderhaar, “We didn’t do anything. They are getting more proficient at the game.”

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Game Play Of Call of Duty Black Ops

On advanced skill matching. call Of Duty Black Ops Game already does some matching of players through its playlist choices: core, barebones, and hardcore. But too much matching “tends to fragment the population” and can slow the pairing system down, Bunting says. “One of the trademarks of Call of Duty is that you don’t spend a lot of time waiting around to get into a game.”
Respawning issues. When players respawn in Black Ops, the artificial intelligence analyzes 60 times per second “which is the safest (spot) for you (to respawn),” Bunting says. The system is programmed to try to avoid players spawning where an enemy is nearby or where a killstreak is active. “If you do spawn near an enemy, it was better than an alternate spawn point,” he says. “At that given point, there’s no better place to spawn.”
Conserva says that Treyarch is looking at trying to find a way to lessen the likelihood of players spawning near an AI helicopter so “a helicopter won’t hit you within a few seconds. We’re definitely evaluating that and seeing if there’s anything we can do.”

call of duty black ops

In between matches, a trio from Treyarch — online director Dan Bunting, multiplayer game design director David Vonderhaar and lead online engineer Alex Conserva — chatted with several members of the Game Hunters community.

For now, Bunting says, “the minute you spawn you have to have your gun up and ready.”

Map design. It typically takes from three to five months to fully design a multiplayer map, Bunting said.
The first phase “is blocked out for playing a rough geographic version of the map to get the feel of it,” he says. “We play-test and then talk about things we hate about the map and then the lead designer comes up with a good solution. … It goes through the gauntlet.”

The next phase is spent detailing the map, adding the visuals. Finally, there’s a polishing phase that includes lighting “and all the nice touches like foliage,” Bunting says.

Multiplayer maps usually arise on their own, but occasionally a single-player environment serves as the inspiration for a multiplayer map. An example, the Hue City (Vietnam) in the single-player campaign was turned into the multiplayer Cracked map.

More contracts on the way. A new feature in Black Ops is contracts that players can purchase and, if accomplished, earn the players additional Call of Duty points that can then be spent on upgrades. For instance, the “Lord of the SMG” contract costs 50 CoD points. If the player kills 3 competitors with a submachine gun before getting killed, they win 250 CoD points.
“Right now, there are 125 (contracts) and there are 400 more due online soon,” Bunting says.

The highlight of the night. Brett’s taking out of the two remaining opponents in a Hardcore search and destroy match with the remote-controlled car.

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Call of Duty Black Ops: The Ultimate Multiplayer Guide

Listen up soldier, you may well be gallivanting around Cold War trouble-spots and filling your fellow man with little lumps of red-hot metal – but if you want some meaningful method to back up your insane bloodlust then read on (if you don’t, that’s cool – see you online, but you won’t see us when we drill your skull full of holes!).

We’ve played Call of Duty Black Ops to distraction and we’ve held in-depth negotiations with Treyarch’s lead multiplayer designer David Vonderhaar – and now we’ve collated all the essential knowledge you’ll need to rule Call of Duty: Black Ops straight off the bat…

In part one of our ultimate guides, we’ll take a look at some of the new gameplay mechanics as well as cover some of Treyarch’s favorite loadouts for offense, defense, and stealth.

I’m using a FN FAL with the Flak Jacket – with Hardened and Tactical Mask perks. So I can deal with the grenade spam that comes in on top of Domination objectives well since the Tactical Mask is great for keeping me from getting flashed and stunned – the Pro versions especially.”

“I also take a jammer – that messes with people’s radar. Offensive attackers live and die on the strengths of the red dots they see on their map; without them, they’re blind.

Combined together, for a defensive player, these perks mean you’re constantly surprising people: they expect you to be dead from a grenade and you’re not, they expect you to be stunned or flashed and you’re not.

Then they can’t tell where you are, as you put the jammer down and hid it somewhere…”

Offence: “The RPK – a Light Machine Gun – is brutal. It’s not one people usually think about for offensive classes, they usually go with assault rifles.

But they’re missing out: LMGs are technically more deadly, but they require a more subtle play-style as they’re heavy and they kick.

So I like to take RPK with Hardline Pro, Sleight of Hand (since LMGs reload slower) and usually Tactical Mask. Although it can depend – for heavies either Tactical Mask or Marathon are good for Perk 3.”

“People are always surprised by the sustained fire of an LMG – since 99% of the time you’ll run into an Assault Rifle guy.

If you come across an LMG guy and he’s rocking with Extended Clips or Dual Clips so he can reload quickly, or burning Sleight of Hand Pro perk, that’ll constantly surprise some Assault gamers. You get some good screams out of the office: ‘What the f**k just happened there?’”

Stealth: “Right now, in the Winter maps, I like to take in the Spectre submachine gun with the Winter Camo package.


In Call of Duty Black Ops the XP you gain through kills and victories, as ever, raises you through levels, unlocking features as you improve.

What’s new, however, is that once you’ve unlocked a feature you can buy anything from within it using CP.

Guns are the only things left in the game that still get unlocked at different levels.

“This is the distinction with Call of Duty Black Ops from previous games which said: ‘You unlock this particular perk at this level’ or ‘You unlock this particular attachment by doing a set of challenges for a gun’,” explains Vonderhaar.

“We’ve thrown all that away. It’s not about that grind. The only grind you need worry about is making money and leveling up. You don’t need to do challenges to unlock content – if you have enough money you can spend it where you want to. That was a very conscious philosophy.”

“With Create a Class, choose perks that either complement what you’re really good at, or off-set what you’re not good at,” explains Vondehaar.

“So guys that aren’t so good at aiming – they like to take an extended clip attachment so they have more ammo and more lead.

That’s the beauty of the system – it’s not a class-based game in the traditional sense where you’re like, ‘I’m a wizard! You’re a tank! Here’s the healer!’ What really humiliates people lately is when you take in a stun grenade with the tomahawk.

Stun them to slow them down, then tomahawk them. That’s a sure-fire way of getting people fired up…” That’s not the only way through.
We asked Vonderhaar to detail some more of Treyarch’s Favorite Load Outs:

Defence: “I’ve set up this defensive class I’m pretty happy with. I use it in objective-based game modes when I’m, say, defending Domination points that we’ve already captured.

Then I like to rock with Lightweight or Ghost in my Perk 1, Sleight of Hand or Steady Aim in my Perk 2 and I rock Ninja for Perk 3.

Then I play stealth, being quiet and getting the drop on people – with a Suppressor on the front of the Spectre.

This is my standard operating class: if all else fails I fall back onto it, run in at the tight range with that suppressed SMG, blow people away and move on.”

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of the guide where we’ll be focusing on how to ensure you keep a healthy CoD bank balance, contracts, Killstreaks and provide some indispensable tips for Wager match.