Best iPhone Emulator for PC – Free Download

Best iPhone Emulator for PC
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Best iPhone Emulator for PC – Free Download: Have you ever wished to get your favorite iOS apps and games on your PC? I’m sure you have! Everyone wishes to own an iDevice but they just can’t own one because of the high price tags for all iDevices. Well, now you can use any types of iOS games and apps from within your PCs. Emulator, a tool that lets you allow to download and install all of your favorite iOS apps and games on your PC. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? For that, we have created a list of the best iPhone Emulator for PC. You can easily download iPhone Emulator to make use of any iOS apps and games from your PCs. It works good and gives you the best experience of using an Emulator. Catch all the details from here.

iphone emulator for pc

We always want something more every time. And this time, it’s over the expectations. Well, developers have to do some hard work to get everything to the World so that people can fulfill their needs. Developers are very smart and they know our expectations even before us and hence they are always ready for the better solution, every time. This time with iOS on your PC. If you are using an Android device, you can easily pick any of your Android Emulator from the list of the best Android Emulator for PC, instantly. To fulfill your need of having the best iPhone apps and games on your PC, you got to download and install an iPhone Emulator. So, what are you waiting for? Pick any from the below list and have some good time using iPhone apps from your PC with this iPhone Emulator.

Best iPhone Emulator for PC- Free Download

1. iPadian

This Emulator or we can say the tool is compatible well with Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. As the name says, iPadian it gives you the same screen as if like you are using an iPad. It covers the whole screen with its beautiful gesture and background and you can instantly use the buttons and touch screen by clicking on to the Screen. Isn’t it easy? Yes, it’s pretty easy to get everything on your PC’s screen, it just takes several minutes to complete the installation process. This Emulator comes along with its own custom App Store and some pre-installed iPad games. You can instantly select any of the installed games and apps by clicking on to it and start exploring it right away. To download iPadian, kindly click on to the below-given download button.

The installation process is very simple. You just need to download Padian from the above-given link. It takes just a few seconds to complete the process. Interestingly, iPadian doesn’t require any installation process, all it requires is an extraction. User needs to extract the download file and launch the iPadian by clicking on to it. That’s is all you have to do to launch iPadian on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC. It’s pretty easy!

2. MobiOne Studio

MobieOne studio is not a free Emulator. However, it is available in its 15 days free trial pack. This emulator is specially designed for iOS users. Developers can easily test their apps and games from this emulator more instantly without having any troubles. It supports developers to build out cross-platform mobile apps for iOS devices in just a few minutes. It doesn’t require any special skills, all it requires is some time and some patience. Even a not technical person too can built an iOS app from this Emulator. It’s kind of an Emulator HUB which has got all the major emulators in it. Like Android Emulator, iPhone Emulator, iPad Emulator. It’s all about the Mobile apps and if you are good at developing mobile apps, this Emulator could be turned out as a very supportive role for you. Interestingly, you can check out its free trial version for an Initial stage. You can go further only after getting fully satisfied with it. Download MobiOne Studio from the following link.

  • Download MobiOne Studio 

3. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is a desktop application which lets you allow to make use of an iOS device. You can do everything from within this tool. Like make calls, receive calls, send voice messages, add contacts and everything. This tool cum application is in its initial condition and developers are trying their best to get us an innovative thing from this amazing new piece of an invention. Download it now!

  • Download Air iPhone Emulator 

So, folks, these were all the best iPhone Emulator available in the tech market as of the current time. Of course, we could expect many more to come in the coming tech time. Developers are working hard to get such Emulators live for all the Well-wishers. Till then we have to satisfy ourselves with the present Emulator. We would have some special tips and tricks about tech movements in the coming times from us.

What’s your thought on this? Do you have any queries or questions regarding the above iPhone Emulators? If there’s any do let us know. Meanwhile, you can share your views and opinions right with us. Just put your valuable words down in the comment box below the post in the comment section. We would like to stay in touch with you in future. Your feedback is always welcomed. You would get some more useful tech updates from us in the coming times, just stay tuned with us.


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