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I am sure you are wondering, how is it possible to get Call of Duty Black Ops for free? Well, I was wondering the same thing many years back when I first tried to find some ways to earn some free stuff online. My main concern was just finding a really simple and legitimate method that I could do while at work during downtime. I work behind a computer and usually have 20 minutes every hour or so of free time, thus I figured that since I am at work I might as well be working!

Get Call of Duty Black Ops for free

I found a site called Points2Shop that I have been a member of for over 3 years. They allow you to earn points doing various activities which you redeem for prizes. Some of these things include inviting friends, doing surveys or quizzes, watching videos, or clicking on banners. Advertisers pay Points2Shop and once you do one of those items, Points2Shop pays you. The idea is simple and it always works. No billing info is ever required either! The only thing it requires is simply time. But if you can spend a good hour doing it, then you can definitely get some decent prizes. Read below for the steps on how to get a Free Call of Duty Black Ops game.

Little procedure to Download Call of Duty Black Ops

First Step

The first step to get Free Call of Duty Black Ops is to sign up for an account on Points2Shop. It’s totally free to sign up and takes just a minute of your time! You’ll also get a free bonus once you’ve confirmed your email address after signing up! UK, CA, and US members will receive a points bonus of 250, equivalent to $2.50 simply for signing up through this site!

Second Step

Now that you have an account on the site, you can start to earn points for prizes such as Call of Duty Black Ops. There’s a lot of ways for you to earn points fast such as completing surveys/offers, playing games, or having new members join the site under your referral link! One way to get referrals fast is by using sites like Facebook or Myspace and encouraging friends to join.

Third Step

Your last step is to redeem your copy of Free Call of Duty Black Ops. Just search up the “Spend Points” tab to find the prizes you’re wanting. After that, you can choose the seller you want to purchase your item from and then pay using your points. If you don’t want anything from Amazon.com, you can also request a check or PayPal money. Enjoy your prizes!

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