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Call of Duty Black Ops Nazi Zombies is an amazing classic game did not leave out one of the most amazing, fun, and entertaining gaming styles out of their gameplay, the Zombies mode. Call of Duty Black Ops Nazi Zombie Mode is certainly one of the best gaming features that gamers across the globe enjoy playing. Tired of the whole campaign deal or of the whole multiplayer repetitiveness? then enjoy the fun from the Black Ops Zombies mode which today consists of 8 cool maps.

5 which are Nazi Zombies maps Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Five, Dead Ops Arcade and the last one consists of a Russian scientist and military Zombies named Ascension.But we are only going to talk about 3 of them. I will share a few facts about each and also show you how you can get them unlocked. I will get into details of the other maps at a later time.


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#1 Zombies Mode Map: Kino der Toten

This cool map takes action inside a German theater which abandoned. The best way to get the awesome features unlocked is to allow the power to come on. To get that done head to the backstage of the cinema area either to the left or the right, once there look for the power button near the M16 and hit it.

After getting this done you should see the curtains on the stage starting to raise and the teleporter should be accessible to you now in the projection room. You will also be able to get the Mystery Box, 9 traps which can be placed and perk machines. Now finding the Pack-A-Punch machine can be done by going to the projector room, it will require 5000 points to be used.

#2 Zombies Mode Map: Five

To get this map available for you to enjoy and play you will need to beat the single-player campaign. One of the most exciting features commented by every player that goes to this level is the creativeness that allows us gamers to play as John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara or Richard Nixon where you will attempt to protect the whole 3 floors of the Pentagon.

call of duty black ops zombies maps

You will need to turn the power on just like you did in the first Zombies Mode Map Kino der Toten, this will enable you to access the perks and other cool features on this map.

Clear the debris: 1,750 points
Ride the elevator on the first floor to the War Room below: 250 points
Clear the way to the war room by removing debris: 2,000 points
Ride the elevator down to the basement: 250 points (You will find the power switch as you move northeast from the elevator in the basement)

The Pack-A-Punch machine in Five will require the Def Con level of 5 to be able to reach it. this is done by accessing the four Def Con switches which are located in the center of the War Room. Activated, now the teleporters will point to the room that stores the Pack-A-Punch machine. you can access teleporter located in the center of the War Room.

After turning the power on 5 you will see a white-haired guy running. He is a scientist named Tech that can steal other players weapons with one touch. The only way to defeat him is to shoot his head. So give everything you got against him, claymores, unload your guns on him and go for the head.

#3 Zombies Mode Map: Ascension

Recently released the Cod Black Ops Ascension Map the map starts out in a two-story

G-Force Testing Facility, it will involve the basic from both maps above get the POWER BACK ON as soon as possible!  You will have Zombies coming from every corner possible, it won’t be easy.

As you wander around this gigantic facility which is huge both inside and out, know that zombies are wandering around you from every corner possible just waiting for the right moment to attack you. But you will not only be introduced to new Zombies crawling you, you will also get the chance to learn how to use a few new weapons and toys on your advantage:

  • Stamina-Up this is a drink you can get from this cool looking machine. This drink will take your running to the next level allowing you to sprint for much longer periods of time with heavier weapons as well. You will have a great advantage over the speed of zombies that are on your back.
  • The Sickle will allow you to do much more damage than your usual knife, handle it with care. :D
  • Matryoshka Dolls: A new surprise will pop out from the Mystery Box, toss this little down around and you will get a mean explosion that will initially split into more Matryoshka Dolls creating more explosions.
  • Cod Black Ops Nazi Zombies is certainly packed with awesome features, maps, and gaming modes. If you still don’t have your copy of Cod Black Ops I recommend you to get one right now! Thanks for reading it! For more information, tips, check out this other page on Call of Duty Black Ops 7.

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