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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapons List

Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons

Hi guys, in this article im introducing all call of duty black ops zombies weapons. Here at the Call Of Duty Black Ops Fansite, you’ll find a complete guide to all guns, attachments and vital weapons needed to wreak havoc in the COD World of Online gaming! Take a look here……

Best Call of Duty Black Ops Sub-machine guns

You should know about weapon list it is necessary, So today this new article will explain detailly about inside game of call of duty black ops zombies weapons. Sub-machine guns are the choice on maps where the action is fast paced and compact with plenty sight lines.

MP5K: average fire rate, and average mag size. This is the first machine gun available without unlocking.
Skorpion: average fire rate and smallish mag size. High damage at close range. For use inside confined spaces such as corridors and rooms.
Mac11: High rate of fire, small mag size, good range and accuracy. Useful in situations with long site line on small maps.
AK74u: Probably the best all rounder. Good range, average mag capacity, good damage at all distances.


call of duty black ops zombies weapon list
call of duty black ops zombies weapon list

Uzi: Very high fire rate with average magazine size. The damage capability is not high at any range but the high fire rate makes up for the lack of guts.
PM63: High fire rate, small mag size, damage isn’t major. Not the best weapon. Doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary.
MPL: High fire rate, average mag size (mag size not extendable) low damage. Best used in close range combat.
Spectre: High fire rate steady damage at all ranges. Similar to MAC11 but no more or less usable.
Kiparis: The last unlockable sub machine gun. The most disappointing final unlock in history. High fire rate, small mag size and small damage capacity. Plenty of the previously mentioned guns do a far better job.

call of duty black ops zombies weapon list


In each and every new call of duty black ops version appears new weapons.

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Assault Rifles.

In call of duty black ops zombies game another highly recommending weapon is Assault rifles are best used on medium to larger maps. Assault rifles are typically more cumbersome to run with and as such reduce mobility bur deliver more fire power than a SMG.

M16: 3 round burst rifle available as a default weapon. One tap of the trigger at close range will kill your enemy how ever the semi automatic feature of this weapon makes close range fire fighting a difficult task. Medium to long range fire fighting is the best option with this weapon.
Enfield: Fully automatic weapon for medium to long fire fights. Medium fire rate, good damage at medium range. Versatile weapon.
M14: Semi-Automatic. Low fire rate, High damage at medium range. Weapon best used at medium to long range. Can kill easily at decent range.
Famas: Fully Automatic. Low Damage and high fire rate. Good Weapon for fast paced all range fire fighting.
Galil: Good Damage and range. Medium fire rate which allows for good stability and range. The best all rounder of the assault rifle category. Medium damage allows for quick kill and move ability.
AUG: High Fire rate with low damage. This weapon allows for good control and holds its own in close range fire fights even though it’s not designed for close combat.
FN-FAL: Low fire rate with high damage at all ranges. This weapon serves as an improvement on the M14. This weapon will leave your enemy dead in 2 shots if they are close enough.
AK-47: Fully automatic high damage weapon. This weapon has high ability to kill but has high weapon wander. Can be very good but is quite inaccurate.
Commando: Similar to the AK-47 but with slightly less weapon wander. But a slower reload time makes it less favorable.
G11: 3 round burst with high fire rate and low accuracy. Improved mobility makes this weapon more useful than the M16 at close quarters but less deadly at further ranges.

Best Weapons can make rule. Read and enjoy Thanks for all.

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