New Super Mario Bros 2 Download

new super mario bro 2 download
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Download New Super Mario Bros 2-dimensional game, as a player you control the characters by making them walk, run or jump throughout different scenes or levels that contain varying landscaping such as brick lands, the underground pipe worlds, ranging ocean scenes, large ominous castles, and hidden areas found through mushrooms and clouds in the sky.

new super Mario bros 2 download

New Super Mario Bros 2 Download

Mario is also available to play in three different forms – Mario, Super Mario, and Fiery Mario. Regular old Mario can jump on enemies and depend on the scene, he is smaller so more conducive to getting through a level. When Mario is busy trying to break up the brick panels that block his way he has to first obtain the Magic Mushroom which instantly transforms his body into the almighty Super Mario. Once he is Super Mario, he becomes twice his normal size.

For those who’ve good a good memory, you’ll remember way back in 1985 when the Nintendo Entertainment system was first released to the public for a bargain $200. For that kind of money you would be able to get an 8-bit graphics console, two funky looking game controllers, and of course, you would also get the Super Mario Bros game cartridge which soon becomes the highest selling game in Nintendo history – which really revolutionized the gaming industry.

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Overall, the main goal when playing Super Mario was to rescue the lovely Princess Toadstool from the villain, Bowser, King of the Koopas. When you wanted to play with a buddy, then you enlisted the help of the younger brother, Luigi. Players who wanted to game in dual mode took turns playing either Mario or Luigi, switching players when one died. These two infamous game figures eventually became named plumbers and even were names in their own TV show and movie.

But when Mario needs super duper power, he needs to turn into Fiery Mario. During this transformation, Mario can throw fireballs at his enemies once he finds a Fire Flower used to change over.

While Mario is tripping over his Mushroom Kingdom, there are all sorts of enemies waiting to ambush him including the evil Koopa tribe. There are also mushrooms called Goombas that shuffle around and try to knock him off. There are also shelled Koopa Troopa turtles, Koopa Paratroopers, Buzzy Beetles with fireball resistant shells, and evil Pirhana plants that are hiding behind pipes are ready to attack.

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There are also other enemies including the Hammer Brothers who are giant twin brother turtles that like to throw random hammers at Mario. And Lakitu is a slinky turtle that hides in a roving cloud and throws Spiny enemies from above trying to destroy Mario.

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