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Tekken 3D prime Edition

If you have already played Tekken through the handheld console modes, now you get an opportunity to experience the game in Nintendo 3DS format. Tekken 3D prime edition takes the combat gaming fans to another level. Some of the prominent and outstanding features that are part of this 3D version are explained below

Outstanding Features of Tekken 3D Prime Edition

 1. Extremely fast frame rates

This feature will really give you the extra punch effect that is required for any fighting game. The combat speed that you had experienced in the handheld console version is maintained and you get an exhilarating

3D viewing experience. After playing this combat in real time 3D version at high speeds and if you play another 3D ready game, you will really feel the difference and you would be able to appreciate the outstanding efforts that had gone into the making of Tekken 3D Prime Edition.
 2. High-quality character rendering
 The familiar characters in Tekken like the Dragunov, Xiaoyu, and Heihachi are retained in the prime 3D edition. The characters that appear in the prime edition would come with increased clarity, more detailed and crisper than the characters that were seen in the previous console versions. 3D characters actually look like real life like characters and you will totally be astonished by the type and complex nature of work that has gone into creating such renderings
 3. Availability of different modes
 Tekken 3D prime edition comes in different modes including the practice, survival and special survival modes. The quick battle mode is one of the most thrilling modes that are available in a combat game. There are actually ten levels in the quick battle mode and each and every level has its own challenges. As soon you clear one level in the quick battle mode, you will be provided a gift card to collect. There are more than 700 gift cards to be collected.
 4. Comes with a Bonus movie
 Tekken Prime edition comes with a bonus movie called Tekken: Blood Vengeance. If you are a Tekken fan, then this movie is a visual treat and is a perfect entertainment for die-hard fans of Tekken. This movie will really give you an amazing 3D movie watching experience.

 Limitations Of Tekken 3D prime edition

 Though the Tekken 3D prime Edition provides an unbelievable gaming experience, there are some limitations associated with it.
 1. The online multiplayer version doesn’t come with fast frame speeds and this could result in the images getting lagged. If you have a very high-speed internet broadband connection, the lags will appear to be less pronounced. But in normal internet connections, the image lag is clearly visible on the screen.
 2. Another limitation is that the online multi-gaming version doesn’t allow the users to switch characters
 3. Some users have found the D-pad that comes with 3DS hardware to be too crowded and jammed. This makes it a little bit difficult to produce some of the moves related to direction.


 Majority of the Tekken fans have really taken a liking to the 3DS version. Based on the ratings and the comments given by the users in gaming portals, Tekken 3D Prime Edition has the potential to become the most popular 3DS game in the gaming industry. Users are extremely impressed with the 3D version of the street fighter mode.

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